All activities on the portal are recorded in a detailed connection report so that they can be analysed at all times, who, when and what action were taken. These reports help to service technicians to keep track of the services for proper billing requirements; the connections reports are customizable by job numbers. New sorting and filtering capabilities for various factors, including the export of data to a PDF or CSV file, complete the convenient reporting system..


With mbWEB2go, machines and equipment can be monitored without being limited to a desktop PC. This simple and mobile web interface enables operators the ability to view the most important system data via a smartphone or tablet PC.

The data is made available via the built-in Web server of the mbNET router as Web visualization. The websites can be downloaded from other Ethernet devices to the systems that are accessible through the mbNET router. The web visualization can be accessed using any web browser.

The mbWEB2go does not require any additional software packages, special client programs or no extra applications. The user can simply log in via user ID and password on the remote portal mbCONNECT24.

This web application enables a Biogas farmer to ability to check the current operating status of a remote biogas plant. Additionally, the manager of a solar power plant can also receive a current performance level rating of a remote solar power plant, in accordance with present weather conditions.

To establish a connection neither a VPN client nor any special certificates are required. MB Connect Line has created a second access point via HTTPS on the remote maintenance portal; whereas this ensures platform independency and reliability.


The secure remote maintenance portal mbCONNECT24 provides a central Web-Portal for remote maintenance over the internet. Through the portal as an expert operator, manufacturers or service providers can reach designated customers’ machinery and systems with a single mouse click.