Remote maintenance

Remote maintenance has been an important issue since the mid 90s.
From the outset, the intention was to cut travel time and cost. Service cost optimization is as important a factor now as it was then, but today, other perspectives also play a significant role.

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MB Connect Line's remote maintenance building blocks offer you the following options in terms of a hardware and software platform:

  • Rapid, location-independent access to machines and systems
  • Short downtimes due to efficient service in the event of a breakdown
  • System monitoring for faults, or exceeded limits, with alarms via email or SMS
  • Logging of relevant operating data for archiving and trend analysis
  • Easy monitoring and visualization of globally distributed installations, even via smartphone
  • System programming and optimization from anywhere in the world
  • Flexibility, thanks to the use of recognized web and IT standards (including as an alternative to leased lines)

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