Industrial communication networks are becoming more and more crucial to all industrial infrastructure. With more than 20 years expertise in remote services and cybersecurity, we know what powerful and secure digital industrial infrastructure looks like.
Secure netowrks and remote services

At the Hannover Fair 2017 MB connect line presents a wide range of new features for the remote-service-portal mbCONNECT24. One of the powerful new security features is the so called 2FA (two-factor authentication). 2FA means, that, apart from the regular sign-in process, the user will be asked for a second security token. This token will be generated as a code which the user has to input below the password. This code will be generated after a successful login of the user name and password and is afterwards sent to the user via SMS,  email or voice call (text2speech). 

As a further security feature, temporary service users can be implemented. With this element, the amount of possible logins for external service personnel can be regulated right from the start. With the updated changelog, activities of individual users can be monitored and documented. Also, in the alarm system, now there are alert calls and voice messages possible. This provides a reliable messaging system, even when the smartphone is temporarily out of reach or sight. 

More security in the machine network is guaranteed with the industrial firewall mbNETFIX. Developed according to the highest security standard, this firewall is easily configured with little knowledge and manipulations. With the operating modes Gateway and Bridge it seamlessly integrates into new and already existing network structures.  

If you like to know more, you can find MB Connect Line at the Hannover Fair in hall 8 | booth B03.