Secure and Complete - Modular system for remote monitoring and digital services
MB connect line offers a comprehensive modular system which allows a secure infrastructure can be realisation. This enables end-to-end complete solutions for a wide range of industrial applications – from simple data acquisition through remote maintenance and M2M communication to industrial IoT solutions in which machines and systems exchange data fully automatic and react to events.
Engineer's Choice Award 2018 for MB connect line's mbNETFIX
We are proud to announce that the industrial firewall mbNETFIX has been awarded with the Engineer's Choice Award as Honorable Mention 2018 in the category Industrial Cybersecurity.
Enable your customer to control your remote access - Clever strategies for successful and secure remote services in practice
One of the recommendations of every national Cybersecurity agency (ENISA, BSI, ANSSI ...) is the operator's control of the remote maintenance connection. Remote access should preferably be initiated and terminated from within the company. A key switch can be used for remote maintenance. It enables the operator to control remote maintenance connections on a physical level...
Security by Design
With their ambitions to digitalization, enterprises develop new products and services daily. The new digital sector provides an enormous potential for new solutions in various industries. It‘s a simple task to purchase low-priced hardware and to merge it with freely available open source applications. Some Linux, Raspberry PI and MQTT are patched together – and another IoT product for internal deployment or even distribution is ready. However, what about IT security?
mbXLINK wins 1th place in the area of "control technology & system solutions"
Automation Award 2016
Extensive remote services for PLCs
MB Awards
MB Connect Line gives awards to its partners
Partnership with Deutschmann Automation
At the SPS IPC Drives 2015: Deutschmann Automation and MB connect line have announced a strategic partnership
Safe on the net
hackers, viruses, security holes, sabotage and other risks

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