Remote Maintenance

Via Telephone Network

With the mbPOINT devices, remote maintenance is carried out via direct point-to-point connections. An analog, ISDN or 2G module is available as a modem interface connection. Such dial-in connections via the global telephone network are the simplest form of remote connection. The system only requires a telephone connection. The automatic recall and password protection functions ensure security.

  • connection to over 60 different control systems
  • analog, ISDN or 2G modem
  • password protection and automatic recall
  • DIN rail mounting
  • power supply 10-30 VDC

The Modem configuration software affords you simple operation and use of the devices. The software lists the connection data of all the system components that you want to reach by remote maintenance. The connection is set up with a click of the mouse.





Software functions:

VPN functionality: