Your All-In-One solution for secure remote access
The remote maintenance portal mbCONNECT24 is the universal remote access service of the MB connect line. Each customer account is an independent service maintained and monitored by MB connect line.
Engineer's Choice Award 2018 for MB connect line's mbNETFIX
We are proud to announce that the industrial firewall mbNETFIX has been awarded with the Engineer's Choice Award as Honorable Mention 2018 in the category Industrial Cybersecurity.
mbEDGE - Infuse your Remote Access with Edge Computing
With mbEDGE you can upgrade the remote maintenance routers mbNET and mbNET.rokey to a real Edge Gateway
mbNET.rokey - Secure remote access with key switch
You are in control – With the turn of a switch!
New at the SPS IPC Drives trade show 2018: Secure industrial router with key switch
mbNET 2.0 - Discover the new features!
Discover the new features in hardware version 02 of the industrial router mbNET. The most important innovations are "Secure Element", "Secure Boot" and "Secure Firmware". Security is now deeply rooted on a hardware level. There are even more features, such as the galvanic isolation of the I/Os for power supply.
Security by Design
With their ambitions to digitalization, enterprises develop new products and services daily. The new digital sector provides an enormous potential for new solutions in various industries. It‘s a simple task to purchase low-priced hardware and to merge it with freely available open source applications. Some Linux, Raspberry PI and MQTT are patched together – and another IoT product for internal deployment or even distribution is ready. However, what about IT security?
Cyber Security Check at the SPS IPC Drives 2017
The Security Check gives trade fair visitors an orientation where there is need for action in Cyber Security.
The human being in the focus
With Simpliy.view, the new user interface
Industrial firewall for automation users
mbNETFIX - protection by network segmentation

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