You are in control – With the turn of a switch!
mbNET.rokey - Secure remote access with key switch

Plant availability is very important for the operator. When malfunctions occur, a quick trouble-shooting via remote maintenance is essential. On the other hand, mechanical and plant engineers often encounter safety concerns when accessing their customer’s corporate network. Therefore, MB connect line has developed a new generation of industrial routers where the customer retains full control.

Probably the most striking feature of mbNET.rokey is the key switch. The operator can use it to decide whether to completely interrupt the active Internet and VPN connection or, in a second key position, only to access the internal services without being able to access the network behind the router. In this position, it is possible to do data logging, but remote access is not possible. Switching to the third key position, an openVPN connection can be established and remote maintenance is possible. The router was developed according to the principle "Security by Design". A trusted chain, the secure element and the secure boot process are further security features of the industrial router.