We are a manufacturer of hardware and software for remote maintenance systems and are focused on developing high-security products and services for our customers, such as the mbCONNECT24 remote service portal. We guarantee a reliable and rapid reaction to emerging security vulnerabilities.

In order to meet our requirements in this highly sensitive area, we are active in the following organizations and are continuously working to be able to offer you state of the art security technology.
Our „Security Certified“ program consists of the following elements.



Security by Design

By definition, Security by Design means "security right from the start". However, this statement is interpreted differently. It's often said that it's all about secure software design. That's a matter of interpretation. In our opinion, secure software also requires certain important security hardware elements. Basically, the concept is about including information security already in the design process of a product.

For us as a manufacturer is important, that our developers are trained to exercise "Security by Design".

For this we rely on a TÜV expert certification program in the field of secure software development and expertise in the sector of IT security.

Our development teams are very proud to receive the expert certificates T.I.S.P. and T.P.S.S.E.

This is the basic requirement for the development of secure products.

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Certification and testing

At regular intervals, our products are reviewed by independent IT security companies. Both automated and manual penetration tests are used here. Essentially, the following standards and guidelines are appropriated:

It is important for us to establish a dialogue between developers and pentesters. That's why a penetration test always consists of the test itself and an intensive dialogue between Pentester and the developer in the aftermath.

Since then, there have been established certification procedures for IT security products for critical applications (e.g., military, government, etc.). For classical industrial applications there are various certification possibilities, such as the standard IEC62443. In cooperation with TeleTrusT, a test catalog was developed for this, which is used for our products. In addition, the published "state of the art" ("Stand der Technik") technology from TeleTrusT is an important tool for our product development.

Our partners

We are a member of the IT Security Association of Germany (TeleTrusT) and we develop our products under the defined guidelines of TeleTrusT, which allows us to represent the “Security Made in Germany” label. TeleTrusT is a network of excellence, which includes domestic and foreign members from industry, administration and science as well as topical related partner organizations.

Furthermore, MB connect line is a member of the Alliance for Cybersecurity and we actively cooperate with the Federal Office for Information Security. This enables our development engineers to counteract security threats not only reactively, but above all preventively as quickly as possible.