The Firewall for the Automation Environment

  • Protects the machines in the network from attacks from the Internet
  • Easy network segmentation with controlled routing and NAT
  • Bridge and Gateway mode
  • Integration into existing networks
  • Convenient learning mode makes creation of filter tables simple & easy
Security by Design

Security by Design is about implementing information security right from the beginning of the design process. In order to keep attack vectors as small as possible the automation firewall features characteristics, such as:

  • No embedded website: securing a website is complex and requires considerable resources, hardly available when dealing with embedded programming.
  • Projects are encrypted and uniquely paired by means of an RSA key. This key is automatically generated and stored on the device.  It provides a method of assuring the confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and non-reputability of electronic communication.




Product versions:
Name Item no. WAN LAN
NFH100 1x 3x
Name Item no. Short description
Manager Lite 5.900.000.01.00 USB flash drive with Manager Lite Software

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