mbNETFIX - Manager Lite Software

The mbNETFIX Manager Lite  is available via download or on USB stick. With this software you can configure your mbNETFIX NFH100 and use the full functional range of your hardware.

In learning mode, the firewall records all connections. Based on the captured packet table the user then decides which connections are allowed and blocks all others. He is comfortably supported by the MapView function. This unique graphical surface shows the user at a glance which connections are currently configured in the firewall and which network participants were detected. In addition, the network architecture and activities can be documented. To control data traffic, the industry firewall can filter allowed and forbidden data traffic based on the source MAC / IP addresses, destination MAC / IP addresses and ports. Of course, all other firewall functions like NAT, port forwarding and routing are also implemented.

Screenshot MapView

3+1 User Access Levels


Full access to the device configuration and can export the projects for users with more restricted accesses


Can change routing tables, NAT settings, filtering rules, but not operating mode, system settings, LAN or WAN addresses.


Has full viewing access but cannot make any change (diagnostic user)

Factory Reset

Can only reset the unit and requires visual and physical access to the unit to do so

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Download Datasheet

Download Datasheet

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