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Item number 7.300.001.00.00
Number of accounts 1
Number of devices and projects 5
Number of standard VPN clients (external devices) 1
Number of active connections 1
Number of mbWEB2go connections 1
Number of users 5
Number of user groups 1
Number of clients 1
Number of M2M connection groups 1
Firewall behind the device|
Data points per unit 5
Data point storage 50k
Dashboards 10
Alarm events 10
Tasks for taskmanager 1
Customizing Basic (front-end logo only)
Customizing Advanced (front-end logo, product logo, colors, mbDIALUP, mbCHECK, etc.) -
Customer database API -
External data point storage -
Data consumption of active connections, mbWEB2go, M2M and API requests per month
mbSMS 0+
SMS.gateway -
Text2Speech 10+
Text2Speech.gateway -
LDAP-Connector -
Support/Service/Upgrade -
individual features:
Item number Product name Number per unit Max. amount
7.300.017.00.00 mbSMS 250 pieces -
7.300.019.00.00 Text2Speech package 250 pieces -

Legend |     lic License     GB Gigabyte     k Thousand (kilo)     M Million (Mega)     TB Terabyte     1+ expandable     +1 extended by one    included     compulsory/mandatory

Nos produits comprennent, entre autres, un logiciel open-source qui est sous licence GPL et LGPL. Les conditions de licence sont téléchargeables ici.

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