mbNET Hardware Version 01

Constant innovations also bring a constant advancement of technology. Therefore we had to discontinue the products listed below. If you have any questions about alternatives or replacement products, please contact your sales representative or



Affected products:
Name Part # Alternative Products Part # Description
MDH 810 (HW01) MDH 810 (HW03) Router
MDH 811 (HW01) MDH 811 (HW03) Router
MDH 814 (HW01) MDH 814 (HW03) Router
MDH 815 (HW01) MDH 815 (HW03) Router
MDH 816 (HW01) MDH 816 (HW03) Router
MDH 819 (HW01) MDH 819 (HW03) Router
MDH 830 (HW01) MDH 830 (HW03) Router
MDH 831 (HW01) MDH 831 (HW03) Router
MDH 834 (HW01) MDH 834 (HW03) Router
MDH 835 (HW01) MDH 835 (HW03) Router
MDH 841 (HW01) MDH 841 (HW03) Router
MDH 849 (HW01) MDH 849 (HW03) Router
MDH 850 EU (HW01) MDH 850 EU (HW03) Router
MDH 850 AT&T (HW01) MDH 850 AT&T (HW02) Router
MDH 855 EU (HW01) MDH 855 EU (HW03) Router
MDH 855 AT&T (HW01) MDH 855 AT&T (HW02) Router
MDH 858 EU (HW01) MDH 858 EU (HW03) Router
MDH 858 AT&T (HW01) MDH 858 AT&T (HW02) Router
MDH 859 EU (HW01) MDH 859 EU (HW03) Router
MDH 859 AT&T (HW01) MDH 859 AT&T (HW02) Router
EOL Milestones, definitions and dates:
Milestones Shortcut Description Date
Notification about product discontinuation EOL-NOT Defines the day on which the product discontinuation will be published 08.03.2018
Last order date EOL-ORD Last order date 01.04.2018
Last delivery date EOL-DEL End of deliveries 30.04.2018
End of software support EOL-SWS No software or security updates will be offered anymore after this date n.a.
End of repairs EOL-REP With reservation, repairs may be granted within the warranty up to the given date. Due to unavailable spare parts, an alternative item will be offered 30.04.2019
End of product support EOL-PS The last date technical support is available n.a.